Emotionally Focused Relationship Counselling in Adelaide

I am on leave until January 2018 and not taking on any clients, please use the site as a resource in the meantime

Welcome to E F Counselling - my name is Samantha Mathews and I am a Registered Relationship Counsellor (Clinical member of PACFA) trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy with a private practice in Adelaide.  I provide couple therapy, as well as individual counselling & psychotherapy around a range of issues.  I have completed over 6 years post graduate training in Couple & Individual Counselling & Therapy, including training at The Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy in Sydney since 2011, the only designated EFT training institute in Australia. 

Emotionally Focused Relationship Counselling & Therapy is an evidence based approach and has been found to be particularly effective for couples experiencing relationship distress.  My sessions are well structured and practical giving couples and individuals the necessary skills and opportunities to move out of relationship pain and experience positive and healthy relating.

Helping you Heal your Relationship Hurt

Are you single but would prefer to be in a relationship?

Are personal problems affecting the quality of your relationships?

Are you a couple that constantly bicker and fight with issues never getting resolved?

If you can relate to any of these statements then read on to find out how Counselling can help heal your pain so you can move forward and experience loving, secure and respectful relationships.

Couple or Marriage Counselling can help partners to stop the exhausting cycle of conflict and arguments where issues never seem to get resolved. Anger, blame and criticism can leave you feeling unsupported, insecure and lonely as you wonder how things could have got this bad.

You or your partner may cope with this conflict by withdrawing into silence or feeling resentment and anger about how you are being treated. Couple Counselling can help to break the destructive cycles of conflict so both parties can start to listen and hear one another again allowing for more healthy communication and a renewed feeling of connection and intimacy.


Relationship Counselling can help you explore what you are looking for in a relationship if you are single, dating, separated or divorced. Maybe you have experienced a series of relationships where you have ended up feeling taken for granted or struggled with commitment to another person.

You may have been very hurt by a previous partner and sabotage current relationships due to a fear of being abandoned or rejected. Or there may be a history of trauma or grief in your past which makes it difficult to trust or open up to another person.

Even if you are currently in a relationship you or your partner might be experiencing personal problems such as anxiety, depression, low self esteem or the habitual use of alcohol or drugs which is putting pressure on your relationship. You may need Counselling at this time to share your fears and find strategies to manage these troubling symptoms.

Counselling can help to remove some of the fixed patterns of relating you may have found yourself in and minimise the emotional blocks that are preventing you finding true happiness and security with another person.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems then read on to find out how Relationship or Couple Counselling can help support the changes you want to make.

You want to start experiencing the following:

  • Feeling confident when approaching potential new partners
  • Healthy self esteem stemming from a love of yourself
  • Asserting your needs, wants and desires in a constructive way
  • Validation and support from your partner
  • Competence around dealing with conflict or personal difficulties
  • Security from knowing that arguments can be resolved
  • Closeness, connection and intimacy based on trust
  • Renewed sexual intimacy and emotional connection

Why work with me?

You can feel secure in the knowledge that I have the qualifications, experience and expertise to be able to help you heal the pain and hurt you are going through. I have provided counselling to couples and individuals in Australia for over eight years and hold membership of PACFA the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. I have six years training in psychotherapy and counselling both at The Jansen Newman Institute of Counselling (JNI) and The Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy (IEFT) in Sydney. My Couple Counselling training includes Couple Assessment, Couple Talk, Emotions in Couple Work and Couple Therapy as well as an in-depth study of Murray Bowen's Family Systems Model.

I am very fortunate to have been trained and supervised by Dr Michelle Webster, clinical psychologist and founder of the IEFT who has over 35 years experience in couple and individual therapy.  Working with you using one specific approach means that you will get the best possible support and care attainable through well structured and practical sessions underpinned by a theory that is evidenced based and has excellent results for couples and individuals experiencing relationship pain.

Your experiences, whether you are in a relationship or not, are precious and unique to you. Your values, beliefs, history and needs will be explored in a sensitive and respectful way to help you reach your goals and find a new way forward. You have already made a start just by reading this web page showing that despite the pain and hurt you have the strength to heal yourself and/or your relationship. My role is to help you access your innate ability to break away from limiting patterns of behaviour and heal the pain from present and past hurts.

My passion is around working with couples and individuals and their relationships; I am privileged to work with people who care deeply about themselves and their relationship. Revealing your pain and hurt to a counsellor is no easy task; your safety and privacy is of paramount importance to me

Your relationship is an opportunity to bond with another human being and when that emotional bond is threatened by conflict or disconnection I can help to repair and re-establish the connection between you and your partner. The counselling I provide is practical; you can find new ways of speaking, listening and relating to your partner in a healthy and positive manner. At the same time I foster an emotional connection and closeness between you that is healthy and life-affirming. The relationship you have with yourself as well as in partnership with another is of primary importance in my approach to couple and individual therapy.

My ultimate aim is for you to be able to create or re-establish a loving, secure and deeply satisfying relationship based on honesty, openness & respect.

If you would like help to heal your relationship hurt consider Relationship Counselling with me at E F Counselling