Consulting Room

Colonel Light Gardens, Goodwood Road

The actual address will be given when you make your appointment


I am on leave until January 2018 and not taking on any clients, please use the site as a resource in the meantime


General availability

Monday afternoons & Saturday mornings


There is parking at the back of the Centre


200 200C



Payment is by cash at the end of the session or by EFT 24 hours before the session commences. 
Most clients pay by cash at the end of the first session and then by EFT from then onwards.




Individual 1 hr session $80  
Couples 1 hr session           $100  

 What about rebates?

Counsellors & Psychotherapists cannot offer clients any rebates under the Medicare Health system; however often the cost of seeing a counsellor is the same as seeing a clinical psychologist even when the rebate has been applied.   For example some clinical psychologists charge around $200 for an individual session and after the rebate has been claimed the client ends up paying around $75.  My fees are in line with this kind of cost without the need to see a GP to get a referral.

There are no rebates for couple counselling in Australia under Medicare as it is not deemed to be a part of the mental health care plan.

Cancellation Policy

I have regular appointment times with my clients to avoid the need for cancellations to occur.  If less than 24 hours notice is given then 100% of the full fee will be charged.   I do not accept SMS or email cancellations; you will need to phone me on 0449 561 254 and leave a voice mail message if I am in session and cannot come to the phone.