How Family Therapy can help


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Families today are under all sorts of stresses and strains including financial pressure, juggling work and school, parenting and coping with painful transitions like 'the empty nest syndrome'.  There will be times when some extra help and support is needed to ensure family relationships stay healthy and constructive so all members of the family can feel part of a caring, safe and resilient group.  Are any of the following situations affecting your family:

  • Conflict between you and your partner
  • Conflict between you and your children
  • Disagreement over parenting styles with your partner
  • Parenting in the teenage years
  • A recent diagnosis of illness of a family member
  • Changes across the life span affecting babies, children, teenagers, adults, grandparents
  • Grieving for a lost child or parent
  • Decision making and sharing of household chores


$100 for a 1 hour session of Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy?

Based on a family systems approach, family therapy is a holistic and inclusive type of counselling that engages with the experiences, opinions and expectations of all the family members in an effort to find healthy solutions and outcomes for the whole family.  Looking at how the family members interact with one another and each person's role can help to open up new possibilities and change ingrained behaviours and reactions that have become second nature.  Family therapy keeps the focus on the whole family dynamic whilst attending to the individual needs and concerns of each family member.  It's a blame free approach as families can get caught up in routines and behaviours that may not be in their best interests and family therapy can help suggest new, healthier ways to relate to each other. 


There are many different approaches and views about parenting in today's society that sometimes a couple will have very different opinions as to how to bring up their child.  Family therapy can help couples and individuals:

  • Explore your expectations & beliefs around parenting
  • Express your fears around being a 'good parent'
  • Learn how to be a united front when disciplining children
  • Managing your child's challenging behaviour
  • Parenting after divorce or separation
  • Adapting to the role of step-Mum or Dad
  • Support single-parent families

Families today

Families come in many different shapes and sizes and may or may not be related by blood with one another.  Family therapy can help the following types of families to find answers to their problems so they can enjoy their time spent together:

  • Same sex parents
  • Opposite sex parents
  • Blended Families
  • Single parent families
  • Foster carers and families
  • Non-related step parents of children
  • Grandparent primary carer of children
  • Extended family members caring for children
  • Adult siblings caring for dependent children

Are you ready to create great family relationships?

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