Who I Work With

My clients bring all sorts of concerns and issues to the Counselling Sessions;  see if any of the following relate to you and what you are experiencing


  • I feel like I can't get close to anyone as I've been hurt by love in the past; I tend to sabotage my relationships to avoid being rejected by the other person
  • My fear is that I will never meet 'the one' or the 'right person'; relationships have been a disappointment to me
  • I keep on repeating the same mistakes in my relationships and I don't know how to start behaving differently
  • I feel betrayed and abandoned after my partner left me for another person
  • I am so lonely but don't know how to go about meeting new people
  • I find it hard to commit to one person and fear if I get too close I will feel trapped
  • My previous partner was controlling which scared me and I am very wary of entering another relationship
  • How can I be true to myself and in a relationship at the same time; I just can't get the balance right

Individuals in a relationship

  • I feel so alone and lonely even though I'm in a relationship as I tend to withdraw and walk away during an argument
  • I get clingy and jealous when my partner goes out and spends time with other people
  • I don't trust my partner anymore and I think they are having an affair
  • I really don't like conflict so I tend to give into my partner when I should be standing my ground
  • I am scared my partner is going to leave me so I don't like to question their behaviour
  • I just can't seem to stop picking fights over trivial things
  • I am frustrated and angry all the time as I don't feel heard
  • I don't feel special or important to my partner anymore
  • I would like more sex but my partner doesn't seem interested
  • I sometimes catch myself sounding like my parents and I don't want to repeat their relationship mistakes
  • I'm not sure I want to be in this relationship anymore; I feel very confused


  • We often repeat the same arguments without anything ever getting resolved
  • We can't stop reacting to one another and the anger and frustration just escalates
  • Our conversations descend into criticism, blame and attack
  • There has been a build up of resentment and hurt over the years which is difficult to shift
  • When I try to reach out to my partner they interpret it as me 'having a go'
  • We spend days apart sometimes not speaking after a row
  • We lack spontaneity and fun in our relationship and have fallen into a 'rut'
  • We love one another but have differing expectations and beliefs
  • We disagree on whether to have a family or not
  • This is our first experience of living together and we want to do our best

If you would like help to heal your relationship hurt consider Relationship Counselling with me at E F Counselling

What to do now

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