EF Counselling

Emotionally Focused Counselling provides couple and individual counselling & psychotherapy at the beachside suburb of Glenelg. I am registered with the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) at Clinical level demonstrating my experience working in this field. 

Couple Counselling

Couple or Marriage Counselling can help partners to stop the exhausting cycle of conflict and arguments where issues never seem to get resolved. Anger, blame and criticism can leave you feeling unsupported, insecure and lonely as you wonder how things could have got this bad.

Individual Counselling

I work with a range of individuals who are either single or currently in a relationship helping them overcome issues and problems such as anxiety, depression, co-dependency, reactivity, separation, domestic violence and loss so they can regain their sense of health and well being.  Individual counselling can help to remove the emotional blocks and hurdles that prevent us getting closer to another human being whilst strengthening the love and esteem we feel towards ourselves.


Trained in both counselling and therapy approaches means I am able to offer longer term work to clients when appropriate with counselling often providing a natural pathway towards deeper work. Often clients will come in for some counselling work initially as part of a couple or as an individual and whilst the present concern may be resolved some clients notice patterns repeating in their relationships or an ongoing sense of unease in their internal world.

What do EFT therapists actually do?

EFT therapists believe that becoming aware of emotions, finding safe expression for feelings and learning to stay with them more fully can help you to find new ways of relating to self and other as often we don’t allow our true feelings to surface or they get lost in our reactions to others. I use a range of interventions to help clients focus on their feelings including talking, visualisation, drawing and cushion work as sometimes feelings are hard to express or name.

I also work systemically with couples and individuals and may ask you about a recent conversation you had with your partner or how you behave in relation to your partner, work colleagues or friends. Thinking about the roles and positions we take in relation to self and other can open up a wider discussion around the patterns of relating we have developed throughout our life.

Initially I do work with people in terms of their present day concerns and problems but with an eye to the fact that the past can be very much alive in the present and can often be impacting our present relationships and relationship with ourselves. Often there is a natural progression from counselling to psychotherapy as healing from past hurts and trauma becomes the focus of the work. However my therapy work is always informed by what is happening in the present as healing of the past is a means to relate more authentically and make different choices in the here and now.

Because I work with the past as well as the present I sometimes get to meet people’s adult, parental and child aspects of the self through clients remembering their childhood or past adult experiences. Sometimes due to earlier trauma some of these parts have had to be put away and hidden and part of my role is to help people experience feelings they couldn't have at the time so they can make sense of what happened to them and relate more authentically and compassionately to themselves and others moving forward.