E F Counselling Services

I provide Individual and Couple Counselling as well as individual and couple psychotherapy

Individual Relationship Counselling

I work with a range of individuals who are either in a relationship, single, separated or divorced helping them heal and overcome the problems they are experiencing so they can move towards a healthy and happier future.  Our pattern of relating can often affect a person's ability to connect with others and feel at ease with themselves.  Individual counselling provides a safe and supportive environment for you to be able to explore what is happening to you whilst moving towards a sense of well being.

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Clients may be experiencing past or present trauma whilst trying to manage debilitating symptoms such as anxiety, depression, addictions and low self esteem.  Healing the past is a slower more involved process leading to a greater sense of well being and authentic relating to others

Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy

I work with a range of different couples who are experiencing painful and destructive patterns of relating helping them heal past and present relationship hurts so they can re-create a loving and healthy emotional bond knowing they have the skills to maintain their intimacy.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

It's always a good idea to seek out pre-marriage guidance if you are going to be married or move in with your partner and live together as a de-facto couple for the first time.  I work with young people who are starting out on their first long term relationship helping them discuss their strengths, beliefs, goals, desires, expectations and hopes for their union alongside helping them deal with practical considerations around money and sharing household chores. 

Mentoring for Counselling Students

For a number of years I have worked with Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) students providing counselling to them as they embark on training in their new field of study.  From 2014 I am providing a mentoring service for all counselling trainees who are looking for the support of a counsellor whilst being able to raise issues and concerns experienced in their training.  Working with a professional who has gone through the rigors of training and setting up a private practice can help students and graduates find their counselling niche whilst providing support and encouragement.  I charge a special concession rate of $70 for anyone currently studying Counselling/Psychology/Community Welfare in Adelaide.

Consulting Room Location


The actual address will be given out when you make the first appointment