Individual Psychotherapy

I provide both counselling and psychotherapy as I am trained in both approaches and of course there is some overlap between the two. Often clients will come in for some counselling work initially as part of a couple or as an individual and whilst the present concern may be resolved some clients notice patterns repeating in their relationships or an ongoing sense of unease in their internal world.

At this point some people come back for therapy as they want to find out the cause of their current behaviours and find an alternative way of relating to self and other.

Sometimes counselling is enough to give clients the support they need to prop themselves up when they feel they are being knocked down. Exploring issues such as decision making, intimacy and commitment with a counsellor is a good means to aid self reflection and to achieve self-determination around these concerns.

A client may request psychotherapy over a longer period of time as they may already have completed some work previously or have underlying trauma which has never been healed.

Therapy does require a longer time commitment than counselling although it depends on how much work the client has already completed and their knowledge of therapy in general.