Why choose Telephone Counselling?

Telephone counselling is a cost effective, flexible and convenient method of gaining help for relationship issues.  Speaking to a trained professional about your relationship concerns is less confronting than seeing a counsellor or psychologist face to face.  It can be easier to speak to someone over the phone about intimate and very personal concerns affecting your relationship.  Not everyone is comfortable using Skype and telephone counselling offers a degree of anonymity whilst still feeling heard and supported by the counsellor.  People may choose Telephone counselling for the following reasons:

  • Counselling in the safety and comfort of your own home
  • You can choose to remain anonymous if you want to
  • Flexible appointments in the evening or at weekends to suit your busy schedule
  • A cheaper alternative than face to face counselling
  • Access to professional help if you are living in a remote area
  • You may not want to see a counsellor face to face as you may feel too anxious


$ 60 for a 1 hour individual telephone counselling session.

I do not offer Couples counselling over the telephone


1.  Phone 0449 561 254 or email Contact @ EFCounselling.com.au to book an appointment for telephone counselling.  I will give you my bank details so you can pay by Electronic Funds Transfer for the session.  Please give a couple of days notice so the funds have time to clear.

2.  Check your mobile or landline yearly or monthly plan to see if the cost of the call is covered by your phone or mobile provider.  You will be phoning a Vodafone mobile number for an hour so make sure you can cover the cost of the call. 

3.  Phone me at the agreed appointment time from a quiet place where you will not be disturbed; use headphones whilst on the telephone as this allows you to jot things down.

4.  You may want to have a pen and paper handy to write down any notes or ideas during the session.

5.  The session will last 1 hour and at the end of the session your future telephone counselling needs will be discussed alongside any referrals that are necessary. 

6.  If you are unable to call me at the agreed time I will need 24 hrs notice or the full cancellation fee will be charged.

7.  If the phone connection drops out during the session telephone my number again to re-connect.    If re-connection is impossible due to poor reception you will need to email me to arrange another appointment time.

What is the difference between telephone and face to face counselling?

The main difference lies in the fact I cannot see your facial gestures and body language over the phone.  I can still tune into your non-verbal signals and I may ask you what is happening for you if I hear you sigh or if you go quiet.  This is no different to working with someone face to face as listening closely to not just the words you say but also the subtle nuances of communication is important to ensure you feel heard.  Often when someone pauses for a moment something is happening to them and a feeling or thought may be emerging; at this point I may ask you to describe what you are experiencing.  I may ask you to clarify your thoughts at times to ensure I understand what you are experiencing and I will ask you to complete homework as part of our work together to make sure the communication is as thorough as possible.

What types of Relationship Issues do you work with over the phone?

  • Coping with the grief and loss of losing a partner or relationship
  • Feeling scared about leaving a long term relationship that isn't working
  • Managing the stress of conflict with your partner
  • Feeling despair from being single for so long
  • Feeling frustrated with ineffective communication in a relationship
  • Managing anxiety around intimacy and closeness with another
  • Overcoming fears about sexual intimacy
  • Feeling depressed about choosing unsuitable partners

 Is there anyone who would not be suited to using Telephone Counselling?

  • If you are in crisis or feeling suicidal phone Lifeline immediately on 13 11 14

  • People suffering from a severe mental health issue under the care of their doctor

  • If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol before the session

  • Children under the age of 18

  • If you are experiencing domestic violence either physical, sexual or emotional

Are you ready to create a great relationship using Telephone counselling?

Contact E F Counselling on 0449 561 254 or Contact @ EFCounselling.com.au to book your Telephone counselling session now.