"The progress I've made since first having counselling has been great and whilst there is still the occasional bump in the road I feel I understand the emotion better and thus can deal with it carefully and with thought so that it doesn't overwhelm me as it did in the past". 

"I can't  believe the anxiety has gone away; when I first came for counselling a year ago things were pretty bad.  Now I understand how I came to be so anxious in relationships and I don't have any of that critical self talk in my head".

"I felt the counseling was objective and fair which helped in adopting recommendations and feeling heard and having the opportunity to discuss the relevant issues. I would highly recommend Sam as she was instrumental in our ability to stay together and move forward with a much better relationship. Thanks."

"The counselling helped us to build a relationship bridge and renew positive communication. Sam helped us to focus on the way to change our own behaviour other than to focus on the partner's. The counselling helped us to realise reasons for reactive behaviour, develop awareness and stop withdrawing.
Overall the counselling gave us the confidence that we are in a better shape than we thought we were, and gave us hope and then tools to improve our relationship." 

What did you find useful?  "Being questioned, and prompted to think about things differently."

"From the first session when Sam explain the emotions that I was experiencing and that it was a normal grieving process. I did not realise the extent of my grief as I did not completely understand why I was feeling the way I was. The counselling helped to explain each stage of the grieving process and that is was necessary and normal to go through and feel each type of emotion and process it fully in order to move on."

I was initially unsure of how counselling was going to help me or if what I needed was just someone to talk to. I got more out of it than expected because the counselling helped me to be more aware of my grief and how to handle it.   I would recommend counselling to anyone going through such difficult experiences. I feel like I'm slowly gaining my happiness back."

"We felt the (couple counselling) covered a lot of ground quickly and the therapy started from the first session.  Talking honestly about our feelings  was not as difficult as we first thought".

"I learnt how to talk to people without aggression and anger and to be able to stand up for myself without causing confrontation. I also learnt to listen to what people had to say and to acknowledge their feelings.  I would recommend these sessions to anyone who is hitting speed bumps in their relationship as it will most definitely get you over these bumps so that you can go on enjoying one another again".

"This was my first time seeing a counsellor and I felt that it provided a safe environment for me to be able to reveal my innermost thoughts and feelings.  I felt heard and respected and whilst life is still not easy I feel much more equipped to deal with my problems."

"Counselling helps you "name" your feelings i.e identify them more clearly rather than "I feel angry".  This naming process is very helpful in thinking about why you feel the way you do and addressing the real cause of your feelings".

"I was depressed and anxious, I really was at my lowest of lows.  Through counselling and my determination, I eventually came out the other side. I always felt Sam genuinely cared for my well-being, and she encouraged me to keep pushing through".